About Us

Chesco Inc is proud to have deep roots in Keene and around the Monadnock Region since 1985. In the past 33 years, this agency has served and supported hundreds of local citizens and the community in a wide range of ways.

Chesco provides personalized services to youth, adults, and seniors with various needs and disabilities in the community, home, and job.

All supports assist people to fully access and participate in all areas of life in their local community. This will help folks realize their goals and dreams.

As community members and employees of Chesco, staff are known to be professional, caring, and highly committed individuals that love helping others.

Our services are based on the belief that all individuals are unique in their needs and approach to life and services and supports should consistently reflect this.



Our Mission

Chesco is a locally based non-profit that helps adults and youth to live and work successfully in their communities. All services are creatively developed to respond to the specific needs & dreams of the individuals served.

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"I like the whole company because it's not a nursing home setting. Chesco is a whole environment filled with family and friends. Chesco is designed to make individuals comfortable and to live there life's as normal as possible. Also, we can make our own discussions in where we live, what we eat, where we shop, and what we do daily."
~ Individual